Friday, November 14, 2008

hurry hurry

What with being a bit behind with drawing homework, working, the art sale, and sam's birthday, I've been a little stressed. I'm ready for winter break.

Sara, Alice, and I went on an adventure the other day. Savers was having a half off everything sale so we woke up at 8 and drove to have first pick. We found some hilarious stuff and I managed to get a sweater, a pretty green bottle, a purple glass vase, a lion piggy bank, and a huge ass coffee cup for 18 bucks.
We stole some helium balloons from the store and I managed to pop one in my face.

After dropping Sara off Alice and I went and got flowers for my vase and she managed to convince me to stop at several places I hadn't planned on going.

It was fun.

Then registration and the likes.. I got every class I wanted so I am pretty peachy.

I am putting this dude in the art sale. He has no background, has a nice semi bend through his neck as a result of a rolling the paper up accident, and he's pretty random... so if this thing actually sells I'll be hella surprised.

If you havent seen him before a close up is here: click

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Alice Pattullo said...

yusssss i am a great influence on you. i make you buy things you shouldnt!